Friday, March 1, 2013

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Fourth installment of this discussion is something fun before we tackle something a little more serious.

DIY Wedding aisle decor, centerpieces, accent pieces. This can be done so simply, easily, with just a little bit of planning and work beforehand.

1. Pick a flower that is in season, that you can purchase at a nursery. Choose a similar color pallet. For instance, in Oregon you can get dahlias in late summer/early fall.
2. Choose a vessel that is similar, all one color, all glass, etc, but that you can get in different shapes and sizes. For instance, mason jars - so easy, so simple, really on trend. Or, all white glass.
3. For a filler, ask your florist who is doing your bouquets and boutonnieres to get greenery that will compliment your flowers. They can get it for much less expensive and can choose something that is visually appealing. Trust them.
4. Votive candles in all white are very inexpensive and candle light makes everyone look better.
5. Fill in where you need color, decor, and lighting.

These pictures are all from the wedding we did in September. The gorgeous and lovely wedding of Frances Kershaw and Nate Jones. Thanks to Aaron Courter Photography for these amazing photos.

Mix of dahlias, greenery, in mason jars.

We used the same centerpieces for the aisle runners.

Same centerpieces to fill the tables and candles to add some light.

Same centerpieces, but because the flowers are not the same color and the
containers not the same size they all look organic and different.

These were the incredibly gorgeous bouquets designed by Anna Mara Flowers.

What are your go-to DIY's for events?