Monday, December 19, 2011

Go to Fabric?

What is your Go to Fabric right now? What are you loving, cannot get enough of, DIY/blog stocking? Dying to plan an event just to so you can use this most-sought-after-fabric?
It should not come as a shock to anyone who has been around me for the last year, but I am dying over burlap. I even purchased some amazing bags at Architectural Salvage, Aurora, Oregon a couple of months ago and have been lusting after every DIY burlap guide I can find.

Its Rustic Elegance to Perfection and I am Head-Over Heals for it.

PSyou can usually purchase burlap at a craft or fabric store for fairly inexpensive. Additionally, most drape and linen companies now have quite a selection of different weights, colors, and styles. I have even found awesome prices on Etsy and Ebay.

Here are some of my favorites:

Gorgeous Outdoor Space

Drape Burlap Over Lighting for a Warm Glow

Perfect Space!

Burlap and White *Twinkle Lights*

Anyone Looking for a Perfect Way to Wrap Xmas Gifts? What about favors?

You can find this on Etsy!

Burlap and Peonies

More Burlap Curtains used as a defining element of a space.

So simple!
 What's your Go to Fabric?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wedding Perfection

I hope this dear gorgeous bride does not mind, but I am awe-inspired by the Jamie and Xavier Wedding.

Not only is the dress, wellies, bouquet, location, absolutely rustic elegance to perfection, but you know these two lovers will be together for many more glorious life adventures.

Here is the blogger at her best and a link to the photographs taken by the amazing Jenny Hill Photography.

PS, just a little sneak peak:

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Beverage Guide - It can be tricky

Are you planning a shin-dig for the holidays? Or, at least having family over for dinner? You have the amount of food figured out, but ever find that planning for the right amount of beverages can sometimes be a little tricky. And, if your family is anything like mine, running out of booze is not an option...

In my head I have my own beverage calculator depending on the group I am planning the party for. When I meet with people to plan an event for the first time, when figuring out catering I ask them about their guests - not just do they like steak or salmon (PS unless you are planning an event for fisherman, stay away from salmon, there are other less controversial choices), but you should always ask these:
  • Are these people drinkers?
  • What are their drinks of choice?
  • Would beer and wine suffice or should some hard-alcohol options be available? (Will someone be loudly offended if the party does not have their preferred 7 year malt scotch?)
Remember, you do not have to break the bank when it comes to beverages if you plan smartly. I often find that if you can bring in your own alcohol and just pay the corkage that will usually save you some dollars. Additionally, you do not need to have a knock-down-all-incompasing-full-bar (plus, this encourages over consumption). Some basic mid-level selections with chosen mixers is most often perfect. You can even go the route of Signature Cocktails for the party - especially if these have creative names, people really respond to these. Another thing to consider is bubbly - chances are if you have this as an option people will drink this (especially the ladies) over anything else.

For those of you planning an event and are bottle-count stumped there are incredible website calculators out there that will help you figure out the amount lickity-split. (PS if you are hiring a caterer they should also be able to tell you - if they cannot, I would be a little weary, wink * wink * )

Here is one of my favorites and really user friendly, its from Table & Vine.

Table & Vine Party Planning Calculator

Let me know if you ever have any questions and/or get stuck - it is a tricky thing, this thing called booze.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I was debating whether to post this post here or on my other blog, I have blogged about my love affair with BHLDN, the amazing bridal store created by Anthropologie, on it a number of times, however since creating this little lover of an event planning blog I agreed with myself that this should go here. (Good Decision!)

Not only amazing for weddings, this site is incredible for holiday party planning, event dress, every day fab decor for your home! I particularly have been waiting for them to have a sale. In pure DIY, let's save some mulla fashion, I have been site stocking it to have a sale section since its inception and low and behold today I discovered those all guiding words:
Here are a some of my favs from the Sale selection:

These D'Orsay pumps are gorgeous!

Bright Plum and Brown Suede

Garland Pom Poms!

Birch Napkin Rings

Suspender Pitcher! This would be amazing with flowers for a centerpiece!

Hat classic, so elegant!

This Tinsel Flutter Sleeve Dress I have been dying over. May just have to get this for this year's Holiday Party Season!

So clean and rustic. Just my style!

What are you lusting after from this site?

What have you already purchased? (P.S. Seriously jealous!)

Friday, October 21, 2011

A little taste of Event Decor

So much inspiration, so many parties to plan...

I love the soft edges of the linens and the random birch branches!

The huge balloons and the green hydrangeas!

Love the chalkboard-esq framed Menu - rustic elegance at its best!

Chalkboard table numbers - these are so easy and affordable to make!
Chalkboard paint comes in spray (my personal favorite) and traditional roll-on.

Dying...Dying...The dress, the garden, the iron gate and the Chandeliers!

So simple, so classy!

Flower pomadores! These are perfect for a wedding, bridal or baby shower, garden party.

Love multi-level seating!

Simple or Glitzy ???

Glam up a barn


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Twinkle Lights

It may sound completely cheap and unchic to use twinkle lights at an event, however, if they are used in the correct way I think they can incredibly enhance the decor and mood of an event. Besides, doesn't everyone look better in a dimmed setting with flickering light bouncing off their faces?! It hides things you don't want to be seen!

Twinkle lights do not have to be the old green lights you put up on your Christmas tree. They can be gorgeously strung AND, they now make one's that are strings of white or black wire.

PS They now make twinkle lights and candles that are battery powered. No more hiding ugly wiring and needing electrical outlets. And, the candles actually look stunningly real!

There are many names for twinkle lights, they are different sizes and offer a different feel:

v  Globes
v  Candles
v  Chandeliers
v  Cafe Lights
v  Mini Lights
v  Market String Lights

Cost is usually per foot if they are a string of lights and per item if they are singular. If you have the budget, I recommend having the rental company install the lights. There is a rhyme and reason for how they are installed and it will save you much stress.

Here are some incredible uses of twinkle lights!

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fabulously Designed Table Linens

Linens, oh how I love thee.

When I am thinking of the decor for an event, after I have selected the color palette, I immediately start thinking about table linens.

Right now, I am loving these, it must be fall:

Black Pintuck, Chestnut Shantung Reversed, Gunmetal Shantung Reversed
Ivory Orleans Damask, Amber Twist, Acorn Contour

All of the above linens come from an incredible linen company in Seattle called BBJ Linen. They have an incredible selection, fabulous examples and even a Virtual Design Center!

If you are in Oregon and are in need of linens here are some companies that are fabulous to work with and have years of experience:

Food In Bloom - PS They carry BBJ Linens!

What are your favorite linen choices right now?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Table Linens

Here is the thing about table linens, in general they seem way more pricey than you would think, and usually, I say usually, for a couple of additional dollars you can get a linen that can really take your table to the next level.

Always start with a fabulous base - just like when you get dressed you usually start with your favorite piece, like a great skirt or wonderful shoes, think of your table decor in the same fashion.

Let's use a 60 inch round table as our base. A 60 inch round can comfortably sit 8 - 10 people depending on your chairs. You will need a 120 inch round linen to cover it to the floor. (A 132 inch round linen will cover to the floor and billow at your guests feet.) Blacks versatile, so we will use that.

You could spend about $20 on this black linen, which you will have to spend even more on the centerpiece, chairs, and perhaps a charger to get the look you are wanting.

Or, you could spend about $28 on this pin-tucked version with a sheen and use a simple one color floral arrangement or floating candle *twinkle* with plain black wood chairs. FAB-U-LOUS!

PS... Another detail to keep in mind when choosing linens is the length. Remember, most rentals, like tables and especially bistro tables, are not incredibly pleasing without a cover. The bases sometimes are a scratched up ugly silver. Unless I know what the table looks like, I always request linens to the floor.

If you are still stumped on the size of linens you will be needing. Here is a helpful chart to get you started.

Table Linen Size Chart
Sizes based on a standard 30" table height
6'x30" Rectangular
15" Drop

To Floor
8'x30" Rectangular
15" Drop

To Floor
8'x42" Rectangular
8- 10
To Floor
30" Round
90" Round
To Floor
36" Round
90" Round
27" Drop
48" Round
6- 8
90" Round
21" Drop

108" Round
To Floor
60" Round
90" Round
15" Drop

120" Round
To Floor
72" Round
90" Round
 9" Drop

108" Round
18" Drop

120" Round
24" Drop

132" Round
To Floor
48"x48" Square
120" Round
 To Floor
60"x60" Square
132" Round
To Floor
72"x72" Square
132" Round
To Floor

This is not by any means the end all to Table Linen sizing, so if you ever have questions, don't hesitate to ask!