Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fabulously Designed Table Linens

Linens, oh how I love thee.

When I am thinking of the decor for an event, after I have selected the color palette, I immediately start thinking about table linens.

Right now, I am loving these, it must be fall:

Black Pintuck, Chestnut Shantung Reversed, Gunmetal Shantung Reversed
Ivory Orleans Damask, Amber Twist, Acorn Contour

All of the above linens come from an incredible linen company in Seattle called BBJ Linen. They have an incredible selection, fabulous examples and even a Virtual Design Center!

If you are in Oregon and are in need of linens here are some companies that are fabulous to work with and have years of experience:

Food In Bloom - PS They carry BBJ Linens!

What are your favorite linen choices right now?

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