Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Twinkle Lights

It may sound completely cheap and unchic to use twinkle lights at an event, however, if they are used in the correct way I think they can incredibly enhance the decor and mood of an event. Besides, doesn't everyone look better in a dimmed setting with flickering light bouncing off their faces?! It hides things you don't want to be seen!

Twinkle lights do not have to be the old green lights you put up on your Christmas tree. They can be gorgeously strung AND, they now make one's that are strings of white or black wire.

PS They now make twinkle lights and candles that are battery powered. No more hiding ugly wiring and needing electrical outlets. And, the candles actually look stunningly real!

There are many names for twinkle lights, they are different sizes and offer a different feel:

v  Globes
v  Candles
v  Chandeliers
v  Cafe Lights
v  Mini Lights
v  Market String Lights

Cost is usually per foot if they are a string of lights and per item if they are singular. If you have the budget, I recommend having the rental company install the lights. There is a rhyme and reason for how they are installed and it will save you much stress.

Here are some incredible uses of twinkle lights!

What do you think?


  1. Twinkle lights are my favorite! I've always wanted to get married outside at twilight so that the twinkle lights in the trees (because of course there will be trees everywhere) are just visible... Oh! Fairyland!

    Love this blog!