Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I was debating whether to post this post here or on my other blog, I have blogged about my love affair with BHLDN, the amazing bridal store created by Anthropologie, on it a number of times, however since creating this little lover of an event planning blog I agreed with myself that this should go here. (Good Decision!)

Not only amazing for weddings, this site is incredible for holiday party planning, event dress, every day fab decor for your home! I particularly have been waiting for them to have a sale. In pure DIY, let's save some mulla fashion, I have been site stocking it to have a sale section since its inception and low and behold today I discovered those all guiding words:
Here are a some of my favs from the Sale selection:

These D'Orsay pumps are gorgeous!

Bright Plum and Brown Suede

Garland Pom Poms!

Birch Napkin Rings

Suspender Pitcher! This would be amazing with flowers for a centerpiece!

Hat classic, so elegant!

This Tinsel Flutter Sleeve Dress I have been dying over. May just have to get this for this year's Holiday Party Season!

So clean and rustic. Just my style!

What are you lusting after from this site?

What have you already purchased? (P.S. Seriously jealous!)

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