Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dessert Bar

I love the idea of a dessert bar for an event. Whether it is a wedding, baby shower, corporate event, or even an intimate cocktail party, it always is a focal point and talked about for weeks after.

PS, It can be an extremely affordable way to create a great display. If you don't have the display pieces on-hand, plain colored and glass rentals are very affordable. Bulk candy and some cupcakes, one color of flowers in some vases and some candles would totally be amazing!

First, get yourself at least a 6 foot table. I like to keep all my serving wear the same color and use glass containers, like apothecary jars. This let's your dessert and candy really be the star of the table.

When designing your table also consider flowers, lighting, simple props and what is going to be above/behind the table. Also, where is this going to be located in your space? It should be a focal point and used to move people. It does not necessarily have to be located near the exit, but it should make sense in the flow of your party. If people can't move or get to where they are going they will leave and/or be super uncomfortable the entire time. Neither is a good thing.

Now the fun part, start with a great linen (always, start with a great base) and build from there. Think multi-level, but within reach of people. You don't want people to have to plunge themselves over a cake just to get to the jelly-bellies. Think color theme and gorgeous accents.

The neutral colors here really work.

Wouldn't this be a really fun child's party?
So simple, so affordable and the pendant banner you can DIY!

I love the pom-poms!

Wedding bliss!

Love the blues and whites!
You could make the white branches - Michael's has great branches that you can spray paint.

Black, white, and copper!

Great Mod table!

A little burlap has to sneak-in. Fab baby shower design. I love the mirror!
Have you done a dessert bar? What did you include?

Happy Thursday Lovelies!

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