Thursday, January 24, 2013

Featuring - Event Questions, Ideas, Planning Advice, DIY Projects...

Are you planning an event soon? Are you a volunteer looking for a great, budget conscious venue? What about a major planner looking to shave off your catering budget? A bride looking to diy your own decor? Or a couple having a dinner party for 10?

I am going to feature some great ideas on how to plan an event to budget, answer some questions that have stumped me in the past, and profile some amazing crafty ideas that I hope will help everyone!

There are some event planning rules that are universal. Some things to live by. Some diy decor that even the crafty novice can tackle. Here's a start to our feature:

How to negotiate a contract...
No matter the contract there are some definite rules to live by.

  • Always, and I mean always, be polite. Remember that a contract should be beneficial to you and the other party. It's not just a piece of paper, but a relationship.
  • Everyone should feel as though they got a "great deal." Especially when planning an event. Even more so if you are a non-profit or working for a great organization. Price is one thing, word of mouth by a great recommendation a step-above.
  • Before discussing the contract make a list of things you must have and things that are not necessarily required. Have a focus.

So what are you questions? What are you stumped on? Do you have some great recommendations?

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