Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tuesdays - Timing

Since my background is nonprofit, corporate, fundraising events, when planning an event, the first thing I think about is my budget. This may not be the most fun part about planning an event, but let's face it, every event should have a budget and things should fall into place based on this detail.

Especially, if you are planning a nonprofit event or fundraiser, please keep in mind your budget and plan accordingly.

Every Tuesday we hope to feature some budget saving ideas when planning any event, whether it be corporate, nonprofit, wedding or even your next dinner party. These are still tough times, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice style to save a buck.

Let's talk about timing...when planning your next event remember a couple of timing ways to save some cash.

1. Weekday Event versus Weekend Event
Venues are always looking to maximize their space and if you are willing to plan your event on a weekday, you can definitely negotiate a lower rate. Not only will you be filling their space, but chances are the time you spend in their space will be less hours than a weekend event. This is a Win Win for both. So the next time you are looking for a space check out Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or even Thursdays for your venue rates.

2. October - November, January - February Events
Depending on your location and if you want an outdoor event these times of year may not work for you, but if you can swing it these months are usually less in-demand and less costly. Check around you may be surprised! Or call me, I have some ideas!

3. Breakfast, Lunch, Cocktail Hour
Why not plan a breakfast? This is a wonderful time to capture corporate or nonprofit partners and the cost of a meal is far less than a dinner. Also, lunch can be a great way to engage a clientele or get the family together pre-wedding. Cocktail hour is always a fabulous time, only a couple of hours needed, maximize your time with your guests- aka mingle-like-you-mean-it or network, network, network, and then send them on their way to complete their evening, etc. These times of events are always really helpful to people with children. Keep this in-mind when scheduling.

PS, Brunch is also a great time to entertain your friends and won't break into their day.

Remember, regardless the budget, every event can and should be fabulous. With a little careful planning you can always achieve your goals.

Questions? Comments? Help? Let's talk!

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